CCDC has various operating entities created for varied specific purposes consistent with its mission.

Dedicated Staffing Services, Inc., was formed in February, 1990 and at its peak accounted for over $11 million of revenues, and employed over 1,500 employees. It was created to address a market need for cost-effective entry-leveland professional per-diem staff in long term care facilities. Prior to its creation, there was no low cost alternative to long term care service providers in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Dedicated Staffing literally "rewrote the book" on health care supplemental staffing by changing and automating scheduling routines to achieve greater efficiencies and providing one of the area's largest "reverse commuter" transportation networks. All these activities helped local healthcare providers survive the massive entry-level and nursing employment level shortages of the last decade.

Its related subsidiary company, Independent Staffing Services, Inc., was formed in April, 1992 to provide temporary staffing of independent contracting professionals. These have included Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists as well as Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses.

Mohawk Community Investments, Inc., was formed in May 1990. Mohawk owns approximately three acres of land in West Philadelphia, which was formally distressed vacant land and buildings. Currently, the premises is developed and rented to an outside party. The property is contiguous to Community College of Philadelphia and The Enterprise Center, a not-for-profit entity which trains and develops entrepreneurs. Mohawk is in the process of conducting an economic feasibility to determine the viability for developing a campus setting on its site or other uses to benefit the economic vitality of the neighborhood.

In 2001, Mohawk sold one acre of its land to The Enterprise Center, which is in the process of developing on an 80,000 square foot office/retail complex.

CCDC Willingboro, Inc., is a general partner in a 108 unit low and moderate income elderly housing facility located in Willingboro, New Jersey. The project was funded by HUD with additional grants and tax credits provided by the State of New Jersey. In addition, the project provides Federal tax credits which are owned by a major national bank. CCDC coordinated medical and social services for the residents of the building. The project opened in July 2001.

The Daniel Veloric Gerontology Institute was formed in 2000. Its purpose is to engage in research, education, and training in the field of gerontology. It is pursuing grants, government funding, and other collaborative efforts with other non-profits, universities and medical groups to enhance its research efforts.

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